1. The Deposit may be placed on HOLD with an authorized credit card or paid by check and mailed to:
The Omelette Chefs * Attn: Laurel Wilkinson
* 7701 Chestnut Lane * Bowie, Maryland 20715

2. The entire remaining Balance Due is to be paid upon request on the day of the function:

  • Cash, Check, or Credit Cards are acceptable (Amex, Visa, MC & Discover). Checks are to be
    made payable to: THE OMELETTE CHEFS
  • * 3% Processing Fee will be applied to the total amount when charged to a credit

3. The Final Guest Count is due 72 hours in advance of the reserved date’s arrival time.
In the event that more guests attend than the patrons final guest count, the patron will
incur the "Per Guest" price on this contract for those additional guests.

4. The Omelette Chefs will not be held responsible for janitorial or housekeeping
services needed on the premises before or after the function. Clean-up and trash
removal are the responsibility of the patron.

5. The hours, herein before stated, shall be strictly observed unless permission is given
by The Omelette Chefs to extend them, in which event, The Omelette Chefs shall
make additional charges for the additional time.

6. In the event the patron cancels or otherwise breaches this contract, the patron agrees
that The Omelette Chefs is entitled to the stipulated Deposit on the Contract. The
Omelette Chefs reserves the right to receive, collect and recover for purchased
perishable goods, special order items, and loss of labor fees. Further, in the event
the patron cancels this contract, The Omelette Chefs reserves the right to receive,
collect and recover for prearranged services such as, but not limited to, those of
bartender or server, which shall be paid by the patron to The Omelette Chefs.

7. The Omelette Chefs must be notified of any change in the number of guests at least
72 hours in advance of the affair. If notification is not received, The Omelette Chefs
will consider the number of guests on the contract to be final. Purchasing and
preparations will commence based upon this number.

8. Patron agrees that should any amount be due or owing on this contract, including
any finance charges accrued after 30 days, The Omelette Chefs shall have the right to
take any action, including but not limited to, bringing suit for the collection of said
outstanding amount which shall include all accrued & outstanding finance charges,
court costs, attorney fees and any collection agency fees.

9. Performance of this contract between The Omelette Chefs and the patron is
contingent upon the ability of management to complete the same and is subject to
accident; restriction upon travel, food, beverages, or supplies; and acts of God
beyond the control of management preventing or interfering with performance.

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